2 Cosmetic Dentistry Myths To Watch Out For

There are many factors that will contribute to your overall appearance, but your smile is among the most important of these factors. Sadly, there are many ways that your smile can be degraded, but whether it is from staining or chipping. Thankfully cosmetic dentistry can help these issues. If you are hesitant to proceed with cosmetic dentistry, you'll want to debunk two common myths.

Myth 1: Visibly Damaged Teeth Have To Be Replaced With Implants

There are many types of damage that can permanently change the shape of your tooth. Sadly, some people may resist having this corrected because they assume that the tooth will have to be removed and replaced with a prosthetic. Luckily, this is not the case, and there are several ways that this damage can be corrected without losing the tooth. 

One of the most common ways of restoring teeth with this damage is by using a composite bond. This bond can be applied to the tooth in layers and even inside the tooth. The dentist uses special tools to shape teeth and make the application blend naturally. This process is repeated until the tooth's appearance is corrected. In addition to being effective, this procedure is extremely short, and can be completed in one visit.  

Myth 2: You Always Have To Pay Upfront and Out of Pocket For These Procedures

It is no secret that cosmetic dental procedures can be somewhat expensive, and if you are on a limited budget, you may think that there is no way you can afford to have your teeth corrected. Luckily, there are many options that can make it easier for you to pay for these procedures. 

Depending on the type of damage and the issues caused by it, your dental or health insurance may actually pay for the procedure. Whether or not this is covered will depend on the severity of your problem and your policy. Speaking with your insurance agent will be the best way to discover whether or not this is covered. 

If your procedure is not covered by your policy, this does not mean that you have to forego correcting the issue. There are many cosmetic dental clinics that offer patients financing terms. This is not a universal service; as a result, you may need to speak with several clinics, like Core Dental, before you find one that offers this payment option. 

Cosmetic dentistry has the potential to correct many different issues that can be causing you to be self conscious about your smile. By exposing these two myths, you will be better able to decide if cosmetic dentistry is a viable option for you.