5 Foods & Beverages to Steer Clear of for Healthier Teeth

Visiting your dentist can be a great experience if you've kept up your oral hygiene in between visits. Even when you consistently brush and floss multiple times a day, there are still things you need to do to keep your teeth in great shape.

Food is one of the hardest things on our teeth. While it may be impossible to avoid every food that is bad for your teeth, you need to know what foods could play a role in harming them so you can limit them. Here are 5 foods to limit to better protect your teeth. 


Eating ice is not good for your teeth and should only be used to cool down your drinks instead of consuming it. It can actually be one of the worst foods for your teeth because of it's structure. Chewing on ice can result in damaging the enamel on your teeth or even chipping a tooth. If you enjoy ice make sure you suck on it and not chew on it. 

Potato Chips

Who can't resist a good bag of chips every once in a while? When you're eating chips, it is likely the starch will get trapped in between your teeth. If you don't floss often enough, the starch can remain in between your teeth and cause problems. If you must indulge in some chips be sure to brush and floss afterwards to avoid issues. 


Most people think only sodas wreak havoc on your teeth, but it turns out that alcohol can do the same. When you drink alcohol, your saliva flow is reduced. In return, this can cause gum infections and tooth decay. If you consume a large amount of alcohol consistently, you could be prone to developing mouth cancer. Limit your amount of alcohol intake and make sure to follow up with a glass of water afterwards. 


Juicing is increasing becoming more popular. While this can be great for your overall health, it can be doing damage to your teeth. If you plan on using fruits for your juices make sure to choose ripe fruits. These have less acid than unripe fruits which can breakdown your tooth enamel. 


Sugar is literally found in almost every food and beverage you consumer. Everything from ketchup to coffee can have a certain amount of sugar in it. The sugar can stay in your mouth for up to 2 hours after it is consumed. The problem lies in that it creates a acidic environment that is harmful to your teeth. 

Talk to local clinics such as Credit Creek Dental to learn more about what you should and shouldn't eat to maximize your dental health.