What Denture Alternatives are There?

If you're looking for suitable alternatives to dentures, there are actually some depending on your circumstances. Dentures aren't the only way to revive lost or damaged teeth. There can actually be cases where people would opt for the alternatives for some reason. Sometimes, denture candidates simply cannot be bothered to deal with the expense and care that a fragile denture would call for.

When Standard Dentures Aren't Suitable

When a denture candidate has had missing teeth for quite some time but postponed having dentures, the dental ridge may have already shrunken enough to make it impossible for him/her to get dentures. This is usually because there is no longer a ridge that can hold a standard denture. This also happens to long-term denture wearers whose boney ridges have already undergone bone resorption. Cases like these may require implants.

Denture Implants

These involve surgically inserting a titanium post onto the boney ridge, leaving its top visible above the gum line. Titanium is the best metal choice since it matches the bone tissue. The tissue grows into it and bonds itself to the post, leading to a secure mount.

The gums will be provided enough time to heal to do away with possible swelling. Then, denture teeth will be mounted into the rods, ensuring their proper height. Denture implants may not be the best option for people with chronic diabetes since it may impede the healing of the gums.

When teeth are not that damaged to require removal, other denture alternatives may be better.

Porcelain Veneers

These provide a new beginning to your smile. Badly stained, worn, chipped, or injured teeth can be cosmetically restored by a porcelain veneer which will bring back the teeth's look while giving added strength. Porcelain veneers are shell-thin slices of porcelain, shaped and polished to match the natural tooth.

The veneer will be cemented to the front surface of the tooth, giving an attractive appearance. Veneers are only applicable to the front teeth and usually need about two visits. The first visit includes shaping of the veneers to fit the natural teeth. The second visit is for the permanent bonding to the teeth.

Crowns and Denture Bridges

A crown is a metal "cap" that is put over the existing tooth after repairing it. A denture bridge is very much like a partial denture. The difference is that it is bonded in between the natural teeth. Denture bridges usually feel more natural than dentures.

As you can see, standard dentures have many alternatives. Ask your denturist about the best one for you.