How To Take Care Of Your Dentures When Not In Use

Your dentures are very important to your oral health, and you want to make sure you take care of your expensive teeth the best way you can. Dentures can be susceptible to bacteria and breakage, which means you need to take extra care of them when they are not in use. Learn the best way to store and travel with your dentures so they are always in the best condition.


Dentures should always be stored in a clean container filled with sterile water to prevent warping if you use them on a regular basis. Water storage in a food container with a lid is a fine way to protect your dentures at night or during the day when you get tired of wearing them.

If you want to prevent staining on your dentures due to wine or coffee drinking or smoking, you may want to consider storing your dentures in water with hydrogen peroxide in it. A few drops of peroxide can help keep your dentures clean and bacteria-free when you are not wearing them.

If you have an older pair of dentures that you don't use but want to have for back up in case your current ones break, then store your dentures in an airtight, dry container to prevent mold and bacteria buildup. When you need to use your old dentures again, place them in water 24 hours before use.


When traveling with your dentures, your largest concern is making sure your dentures don't get jostled around. If the bridge of your dentures gets damaged they may break in half or dislodge a tooth, which can be expensive to repair. Always travel with your dentures in an airtight, hard container filled with water so if your dentures to get jostled around in a car or in your suitcase, they don't hit any hard surface directly.

It's wise to store your dentures in the glove compartment of your car or in your suitcase wrapped in an article of clothing away from shoes and hard accessories. This way, your dentures are more likely to travel safely and be in one piece when you arrive at your destination.

Your dentist can help you find other ways to safely take care of your dentures when not in use. As long as you store them in water to prevent warping and take care to keep them from being broken, you should be able to enjoy your dentures for many years.

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