Answering Some Basic Questions About Dental Bridges

If you have had the unfortunate luck of losing one of your teeth, you may be suffering from embarrassment as well as some functional problems. Luckily, patients that are missing teeth can have this problem corrected, but if you have only recently lost your tooth, you may need the following questions answered to help you make sound choices for your dental health. Are Dentures Your Only Option For Tooth Replacement? Read More 

4 Natural Ways To Treat Sensitive Teeth

Approximately forty million American adults are currently suffering or have suffered from sensitive teeth at some point in their lives.  The erosion of the tooth enamel exposes the delicate dentin and is often the cause of this common discomfort.  If you are one of the many people suffering from this ailment, try one of these simple homeopathic treatments: Apply a Clove Paste Cloves are commonly used for natural healing, due to their many therapeutic properties. Read More